GCD Writers’ IntensivE

The aim of this intensive is to foster a live environment for Christian writers and editors to learn in community about producing good, true, and beautiful content that makes, matures, and multiplies disciples of Jesus.


  1. Writing for the Head | Mike Cosper
    How to say what is true in a post-truth world.
    Q&A with speaker

  2. Writing for the Heart | Jonathan Dodson
    How to show literary beauty in a listicle-driven world.
    Q&A with speaker

  3. Writing for the Hands | Hannah Anderson
    How to call for the good in an internet-outraged world.
    Q&A with speaker

  4. Movable-Feast
    Conference attendees will be invited to dine with other writers and conference speakers, sharing their work and material in a collaborative experience.

This intensive is sponsored by the CSB Bible.

This intensive is sponsored by the CSB Bible.

Sojourn Midtown
1207 S. Shelby St.
Louisville KY