Brad House


Is it time for your church to go multisite? It seems everybody is doing it these days, so how do you know if it is the right solution for your congregation? MultiChurch brings clarity to the multisite movement and assembles the lessons it has learned over the past fifteen years. It explores the opportunities presented by the various forms of multi-site church, identifies areas of concern, and concludes that multisite is not only a biblically sound ecclesiological model, but also a model that provides a compelling solution to contemporary reductionism in the church.


  • MultiChurch Models

  • MultiChurch Philosophy

  • MultiChurch Polity

  • MultiChurch Ministry


Sojourn East
2501 Rudy Ln.
Louisville, KY 40207


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Brad House

Brad is the Director of Sojourn Collective, a large multisite church with five locations in Louisville, Kentucky, and Southern Indiana.. Brad oversees the multisite campuses and is Chairman of the Board for Sojourn Network, a church planting network of over 80 churches. He is also the author of Community: Taking Your Small Group Off Life Support.