On becoming an interesting preacher

Kevin Jamison & John Starke


Often times, young preachers come out of seminary and into their pulpits knowing how to preach the Bible, but do not know how to preach to their people. How do we engage their hearts and desires? How does our preaching participate in their suffering? We come with expectations (from our own convictions and from others) on what our preaching should accomplish, but if we try to fit everything in, our sermons would be well over an hour each week. How do we preach to complexity with simplicity?


  • Preaching from Godliness

  • Preaching to Desire

  • Preaching with Simplicity

  • Preaching to Complexity

Sojourn East
2501 Rudy Ln.
Louisville, KY 40207


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Kevin Jamison

Kevin Jamison is the Lead Pastor of Sojourn East, a growing and thriving community of faith in Louisville, Kentucky. He has served in this role since 2011. Alongside his role as Lead Pastor, Kevin coaches pastors in preaching, vision, and leadership, and he serves on the board of The Upstream Collective. Prior to moving to Louisville, Kevin was the Founding Pastor of The Oaks Community Church in Middletown, OH. Kevin is married to Stephanie and they have four children.  


John Starke

John Starke is the pastor of preaching at Apostles Church in New York City, New York. He is the coeditor (with Bruce Ware) of One God in Three Persons. He is married to Jena and has three children.