Worship as Spiritual Formation

Kevin Twit


If worship is formative, rather than merely expressive, what are the implications for pastors and worship leaders for the kinds of songs we should sing? In this seminar we will discuss why singing is vital for becoming a gospel-driven community (ala Colossians 3), and why we need songs that are more honest about struggle and explicit about the gospel. Rev. Kevin Twit (RUF campus minister for 24 years and the founder of Indelible Grace Music) will discuss lessons he has learned from using retuned hymns and suggest ways to grow a love for hymns in your church.


  • Session 1: Why Singing Matters: The Formative Power Of Worship

  • Session 2: Why We Still Need Hymns Pt. 1

  • Session 3: Why We Still Need Hymns Pt. 2

  • Session 4: How To Nurture A Hymn Movement At Your Church

Sojourn East
2501 Rudy Ln.
Louisville, KY 40207



Kevin Twit

Rev. Kevin Twit was born in 1964 and is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and Covenant Theological Seminary. He worked in the music industry for several years both as a guitarist and recording engineer. He served as a Pastor at Christ Community Church for 8 years, and has been the RUF Campus Minister at Belmont University since 1995. In 1999 Kevin began Indelible Grace Music with some of his students. Indelible Grace has been at the heart of the movement to reset old hymn texts to new music and they have recorded 8 CDs as well as a documentary film, “Roots And Wings: The Story Of Indelible Grace And The RUF Hymns.” Kevin is married to Wendy and they have 3 children, including a daughter they adopted from China in 2005. Kevin is also an adjunct Professor at Covenant Seminary and Belmont University teaching classes in hymnody and has lectured widely on topics of hymns and worship. He enjoys composing hymn tunes, disc golf, and German board games.